So how does it work?

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How It Works

01. Discovery

The first party of the process just starts with a conversation. Whether it is via email or a phone call, I will work around your schedule so that we can start exploring what you are hoping to achieve in your trip. We have so much to discuss here including where you want to go and how to spend your days. I will start filling in the blanks so that I am able to start creating the experience you are looking for.

02. Plan

I will start working to curate the perfect trip for you. We will start with the big picture itinerary and lodging options and start chipping away until we have your accommodations, transportation, dining, activities and everything that makes your ideal itinerary. I will make you have every thing you need leading up to your travel dates, including your MT travel documents, full itinerary and my team's expertise every step of the way.

03. Travel

Time for the best part! It's time to eat, drink, explore and experience everything we have been working on for months. Before you leave, I will make sure that you have everything you need to make your travels as seamless as possible. You will have have emergency contacts, travel suggestions and all of your confirmations in one place so that all you have to worry about, is traveling.

work with me

"Sara Ellis and Major Traveler helped us plan the perfect honeymoon in Kenya and we could not recommend her more! Sara Ellis was absolutely wonderful to work with and made sure we never had to lift a finger. She was super communicative, attentive and ensured we had all the correct paperwork, visas, communicated all COVID related issues to us clearly, etc. It was truly the best trip we have ever been on and we can't wait for her to plan our next vacation!"

Estelle, Kenya

"Thanks so much for planning such a fabulous trip! It was absolutely amazing from start to finish, and was quite seamless with traveling city to city, which always usually worries me! The accommodations at all three locations were lovely, and so different from one another, which we liked as we moved around to different parts of the region. Thank you for everything!"

Katie, Italy

"I can't even put into words how much we enjoyed our honeymoon. You were outstanding to work with and truly made the trip seamless for us! I have also told a few people that are planning honeymoons about you! I genuinely mean this - we could not have done this without you!!"

Audrey, St Lucia

"My husband and I worked with Sara Ellis and Major Traveler for planning our honeymoon and it was the best experience! Sara Ellis made the planning process so easy , and it took so much off of our plates. Every single detail was communicated to us, and it was truly the trip of a lifetime. We couldn't recommend working with her more!"

erin, costa rica

"Honestly, everything was great. Communication is the biggest for us and Sara Ellis always communicated either by email or text very quickly (even after hours) and we appreciate that. We will certainly enlist her help again in the future!" 

jesse, mexico

"Honestly, we had no complaints! Its as amazing and fun and I loved everything about our trip. This was my first time working with any travel advisor and I loved it! It was so great to not have anything to worry about. We can't wait to use Sara Ellis again!"

allison, turks & caicos

"It was absolutely wonderful!!! Thanks for planning such an incredible trip - we appreciate your help making our first anniversary special! It was tough to come home, the trip was the best. All transportation was seamless and so nice to have clean cars with great drivers at all points along the way. "

Kirby, Italy & Greece

"We had such a great experience with Major Traveler- and more specifically Sara Ellis Snellings. Sara Ellis made traveling to a different country for our honeymoon a breeze for us, even considering all of the hoops and extra items that had to be taken into account because of COVID. Sara Ellis had us beyond prepared for getting in to a different country, and even had us prepared for getting home once our honeymoon was wrapping up. We don't do another big vacation like this without getting assistance from Sara Ellis and Major Traveler. We could not recommend them enough."

kody, st. lucia

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