Paradise in the Bitterroot Valley

A long weekend at Triple Creek Ranch in Montana

Ironically enough, I am quite a homebody. As much thrill as visiting far away places gives me, I am never more at peace than when I am in my own home. So that said, no matter how amazing the trip, it is rare that I am not ready to head back to South Carolina. 

Triple Creek Ranch was one of those rare places that I could have stayed for weeks (if I could bring my dogs, it might be months). 

Nestled in the Bitterroot Valley, Triple Creek Ranch is an adults-only, all-inclusive hideaway. You can spend your days riding horseback, flyfishing, going on cattle drives, lounging by the pool, hiking, or enjoying the herds of elk and deer that find themselves around the property in the morning. 

While I am a self-proclaimed food lover (I’m talking food of all kinds- fast food to the French Laundry), the food and drink at TCR is something that really impressed me to my core. As many ranches do include food service, even at a high price point, you wonder what the quality will be like. Well rest-assured, the food was some of the most consistently good that I’ve ever had at a hotel. The menu changed daily and was never less than impressive. 

Each room is equipped with a golf cart to explore the property and get around if you are not feeling up for walking. This was perfect for our early drives down to the trout ponds to try to practice our casts and try to bring in one of the sought after big ones. 

The area has become well-known in part due to the beloved show, Yellowstone, which is filmed just around the corner so that area has become a bit of a haunt for lovers of the show, cast and crew, and more. While on one of our rides through the Bitterroot Valley, our guide (who was an extra on the show and its successor 1883) and this is just the kind of thing that makes this place so special. The randomness of the people you meet, the relationships you make with the unbelievable staff and the conversations you strike up at every corner are the exact thing that bring guests back every single year. 

The amount of guests that we talked to over cocktails at the bar or on a long horseback ride who said this was their 10th year coming to TCR or that they had already booked their trip for the following year is a testament to the seamless, rustic, and luxurious experience that each guest is lucky enough to see first hand. The owners and staff of the property ensure that each guest has a truly spectacular experience, and a dinner at the owner’s personal home on the grounds is the perfect way to end each and every Sunday. All of this and more are some of the reasons that The Snellings family will also be making a trip to the Bitterroot Valley an annual experience.

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November 6, 2022

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