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Traveling for me means a good view, reading in a cozy nook and hole In the wall restaurants

So why work with me?

I've been passionate about exploring the world as long as I can remember. My family always stressed the importance of learning about unknown places, and I was lucky to travel often growing up. Whether it was physically traveling, learning about far-away culture in a college course, or eating my way through a new destination, I have always been passionate about taking in everything that I can to broaden my horizons. I studied anthropology and marketing in college, and working with Major Traveler has paired all of my personal passions with my professional strengths. I believe there is so much to be learned about the world, history, our loved ones and most importantly ourselves through travel.

work with me

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austrailia and africa

Competition TV shows and fried rice


Rwanda or the Amazon River

Headphones and my camera

Something very unhealthy

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